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Sayings and meanings

I am sure I am not alone when I say I sometimes receive an email which contains one or more ‘life-enhancing’ sayings or maxims. For reasons best known to the sender, and being ‘of an age’, it is assumed (usually … Continue reading

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November 2010 Forum Meeting

The next meeting of the Forum will be on Monday, 22nd November, commencing at 10:30 a.m. For various reasons, it has been decided to hold this meeting at a different venue than the previous meetings.  The new venue and address is: … Continue reading

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From the Chair – evidence or supporting argument

 As noted previously, the next meeting of the UK Forum on Ageing has an agenda item on Rural Ageing. This has recently attracted the following posting from the representative of one of the other English Regions [and the response … Continue reading

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From the Chair – Where we are and the direction we are facing

Although a late starter amongst the English Regional Forums, the West Midlands Later Life Forum is now working even harder to get its voice heard, not in place of any of the other voices of older people, locally or regionally, … Continue reading

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The West Midlands Later Life Forum

The West Midlands Later Life Forum was established as a response to the government’s publication “Empowering Engagement:  A Stronger Voice for Older People”.  The reference to “West Midlands” in the Forum’s name is to the West Midlands as a geographical … Continue reading

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How to Comment: How to Register

Anyone can access this blog site – this is intentional.  It is very similar to an ordinary web-site in that respect:  it is a “public” blog.  For those who simply want to read what is being said, they will not … Continue reading

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An Introduction to the Purpose of this Blog-Site

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the West Midlands Later Life Forum are on record as having lamented the demise of the blog-style chat and discussion exchange facility which was at one time available to Forum members.  This facility was withdrawn … Continue reading

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