November 2010 Forum Meeting

The next meeting of the Forum will be on Monday, 22nd November, commencing at 10:30 a.m.

For various reasons, it has been decided to hold this meeting at a different venue than the previous meetings.  The new venue and address is:  Enta CIC, Mill Wharf, 10 Mill Street, Aston, Birmingham, B6 4BS.  (Their phone number is 0121 380 4800)

This venue is readily accessible from the Aston Expressway (the road link between the M6 and Birmingham city centre) and from the Birmingham middle ring-road system.  Follow this link to view a location map (paste both lines in your browser – it should be a single line, but it won’t fit): city=Birmingham&zipcode=B6+4BS&country=GB

Or, for an aerial view, insert the post code (B6 4BS) in the Google Earth web-site search box and enlarge as best suits your needs.  The Enta building on the Google Earth aerial view is the slim white-roofed building along Mill Street – the car park itself is visible (without cars!).

The entrance to the conference and meeting room facilities area of the building is from the car park:  there is no entrance to the building from Mill Street itself.

There should be adequate parking available on-site.

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