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It is said you can prove anything by statistics.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Let us take an example. An American wanted to check the likelihood of his suffering a heart attack.  He looked at the (American) national statistics and found that … Continue reading

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Fuel Poverty = Fool Policy?

   Owing to the content of both the posting title and of what follows I make it clear that I am introducing this posting very much in a “personal” capacity and not as an officer of the Forum.  Sometimes there … Continue reading

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Big Society Revisited

      How can politicians get it so wrong?  I suppose the answer is, quite simply, because they are politicians!  (How I wish that a mere facetious comment rather than a truism.) I have previously commented on why I think the … Continue reading

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Abolition of the Rural Advocate

      Amongst the so-called “bonfire of the quangos” the government said it was going to abolish in the interests of saving money is the Commission for Rural Communities (the CRC).  To be precise, although some of the activities currently dealt … Continue reading

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The WMLLF – What is it?

        For those who know something of the West Midlands Later Life Forum they will be aware that, geographically, it covers the West Midlands region and, as such, extends far beyond the West Midlands county.  However, even for those who … Continue reading

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