The WMLLF – What is it?

        For those who know something of the West Midlands Later Life Forum they will be aware that, geographically, it covers the West Midlands region and, as such, extends far beyond the West Midlands county.  However, even for those who are aware of this distinction, I do wonder what people think it is as an organisation.  What is it there to do?  Who or what is it for?

Significantly, is the Forum a representative organisation as such?   Or, is the Forum more of a meeting place for representative organisations?

To me it seems appropriate to ask which as the answer somewhat defines why it exists in the first place.  Is it there to represent and to be a voice on behalf of those who and which it claims to represent?  Or is it there to act as a conduit through which the voices of others are passed onwards – downwards from the government, or upwards to the government?

In many respects, of course, it is something of both – a representative organisation and a meeting place of representative organisations.  But, ultimately, what is its prime role and function?

Comments, responses, answers invited.

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One Response to The WMLLF – What is it?

  1. Philip Griffiths says:

    I know of it through a friend who sits on it. But I know nothing of it, its structure or purposes. I think it seems a good idea, although, like you no doubt, I have become very conscious of criticism of the ‘babyboomers’ – I’m too old to be that – and I recently read an article that said, roughly, that we were the lucky ones and were abusing our political clout to corrupt fair policies. We, those of us in LL, do need a voice.

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