It is said you can prove anything by statistics.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Let us take an example.

An American wanted to check the likelihood of his suffering a heart attack.  He looked at the (American) national statistics and found that that there was a correlation (a direct relationship) between eating fat and the risk of a heart attack.

He decided to look further afield and found out that the Japanese did not eat much fat and did not suffer anything like the same risk of having heart attacks.  However, he also found that, in the UK, the amount of fat eaten and the risk of heart attack was similar to the USA.  But, against this, in France they eat more fat than in America or the UK but there is a lesser risk of suffering a heart attack.

His conclusion as based on the statistics?  You have a greater risk of suffering a heart attack because you speak English!

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1 Response to Statistics

  1. Philip Griffiths says:

    Are you sure you didn’t read that in the Daily Mail – its about par for their interpretations of science/health research!

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