An Introduction to the Purpose of this Blog-Site

The Chair and Vice-Chair of the West Midlands Later Life Forum are on record as having lamented the demise of the blog-style chat and discussion exchange facility which was at one time available to Forum members. This facility was withdrawn after the election process was completed. As a facility it was, we believe, well and responsibly used by several members and subscribed to by many, many more.

Since the demise of this dialogue and idea-exchange mechanism we, the Chair and Vice-Chair, and in accordance with the Forum’s Aims and Delivery Plan, have sought an alternative means of reinstating the ease, flexibility and universality of this accessible method of communication. The more is this perceived as a necessity when, owing to the inevitable time and agenda constraints, Forum meetings do not readily lend themselves to any contemporaneous continuity of idea development and even less of dialogue. At an extreme and in some contexts, this could demote the Forum to little more than a rubber stamp mechanism; but, somewhat worse, it may stifle or even deny genuine opportunity for review and for discussion.

Neither the Chair nor the Vice-Chair subscribe to this demotion, to this denial. It is known that other members of the Forum have already demonstrated their own disinclination to add their names to such a “subscription” list. With this in mind we felt there was a crying need to re-establish an open and accessible means of entering into dialogue and discussion between Forum members between meetings, and of enabling Forum members to contribute to meetings at which their personal presence is not, for whatever reason, possible. Hence this blog.

You are invited to join this ‘on-line’ community and to comment on any blog posting. It is hoped (and encouraged) that, whether as a comment to an existing blog posting or by way of new topic posting string, you would want to add thoughts of your own around the general subject of what is known in the jargon as the “later life agenda”. However and whichever, we would wish to encourage and facilitate debate and discussion. And, almost as importantly, we would wish to enable Forum members generally (and anyone else who has an interest) to follow such debate and discussion.

(See the separate notice entitled “How to comment: How to register” for details of how to subscribe to this blog site.)


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