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Isolation and Loneliness as brought on by the Government

A touch-stone of the DWP and recent governments (local as well as national) is the concept of “digital by default“.  All that paper, all those trees saved!  And near-enough instantaneous communication too. But, for whose benefit?  Certainly not the now-privatised … Continue reading

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TV Debate and Absence of PM

There is much that is and has been said, and Party-partisan dismissed, about Cameron’s stance that he will submit himself to only one TV debate. To date, however, no-one has offered what amounts to a rational explanation for this purported … Continue reading

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IDS – The Successful Failure!

Election time approaches and, true to form, IDS is doing his utmost to mislead and distort.  According to him, the Universal Credit scheme is working well and not only is it all going according to plan, but it is under … Continue reading

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Iain Duncan Smith found fiddling again!

    For those who take note of some of the less lurid head-lines in the news (but head-lines they remain), it will not have escaped notice that IDS is at it again!  Fudging the figures, cooking the books, call it … Continue reading

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DWP – What is it?

     It cannot have escaped notice that the DWP and, separately, Iain Duncan Smith have come in for some pretty bad press in the recent (and the not so recent) past.  It is difficult to say otherwise that all of … Continue reading

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Universal Credit / Universal Chaos, and Universal Snooping

  The item in today’s on-line edition of the BBC News is, to say the least, disconcerting: Since this Coalition Government has come into power, the DWP has been responsible for introducing a variety of measures, many of which … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics!

    It is both lamentable and, in my opinion, disgraceful that a government Minister persists in, at best, distorting and misrepresenting figures and results which have arisen from one or more of the government’s own research units.  For us, in … Continue reading

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