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Now you see it, Now you don’t …..

   ….. But was it ever there in the first place? Spin-doctoring, the artless distortion of the truth, continues as ever within the government.  The latest shameful example coming from Transport Minister Norman Baker who, in response to the outrage … Continue reading

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Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics!

    It is both lamentable and, in my opinion, disgraceful that a government Minister persists in, at best, distorting and misrepresenting figures and results which have arisen from one or more of the government’s own research units.  For us, in … Continue reading

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Politics in Women

    No, the subject heading is not the wrong way round (‘Women in Politics’).   Read on and see why …. ‘We know from a range of polls that women are significantly more negative about the Government than men’.  So began … Continue reading

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Car Insurance and Road Tax Cameras

    Yes, you read that right! – “Car insurance and road tax cameras”! It seems that someone in government wants to use number-plate recognition cameras at petrol stations to keep uninsured or un-taxed vehicles off the road.  Quite simply (but … Continue reading

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It is said you can prove anything by statistics.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Let us take an example. An American wanted to check the likelihood of his suffering a heart attack.  He looked at the (American) national statistics and found that … Continue reading

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Big Society Revisited

      How can politicians get it so wrong?  I suppose the answer is, quite simply, because they are politicians!  (How I wish that a mere facetious comment rather than a truism.) I have previously commented on why I think the … Continue reading

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The last few weeks have been somewhat troublesome!  There was the very welcome intervention of the relative normality of family time over Christmas and the New Year.  But, either side and forming the less easily digested ‘bulk’ of this seasonal … Continue reading

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