How to Comment: How to Register

Anyone can access this blog site – this is intentional.  It is very similar to an ordinary web-site in that respect:  it is a “public” blog.  For those who simply want to read what is being said, they will not need to do anything at all.

For those who wish to take a more active part at some stage, there are two distinct means of doing so.  The first is by way of a “Comment”.  The second is by creating a whole new posting subject which would itself permit “comments”.

Comments If you look at any posting and go to the bottom of that posting item there is a line of detail in grey.  One item on this line is “Leave a comment”.  In order to add your two-penneth to the posting, you simply click on that link.  This then opens a box into which you type whatever it is you want to say.  Having typed your comment, you click the appropriate boxes so that it is sent for publication. You will be asked for an email address, but this will not be published – it is a safeguard so as to offer some form of barrier against inappropriate intrusion.  (There will be a delay before the very first comment is published.  But, after the first and assuming your email address remains the same, any future comments to any postings would normally be instantaneous.)

New Postings You are invited to raise such subjects and promote discussion upon them as ever you wish.  To do that you will need to “register” with  WordPress is the host for this blog-site (along with numerous other blogs).

Registration does not involve payment and no details of that nature are requested from you.  Additionally, having registered, you can be assured you will not be inundated with ‘offers’, advertisements or spam.  However, unless you are registered with WordPress, you cannot introduce a new subject posting.  Once you have registered with WordPress, in order to start a new posting string (i.e., a new subject/topic), you simply go to the “log in” link under the “Meta” heading in the right-hand column on the WMLLF home page and log in.

Having logged in, there is a grey band at the top of the screen with one item being “My Blog”.  Click on that and from the drop-down menu, select “New Post”.

If you wish to include a photograph (including one of yourself), then the new post dialogue screen permits that.  The photograph can be included anywhere within the posting – it does not need to be right at the beginning.

Now, as the oft-used phrase goes, “Please feel free to comment!”


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